Supreme flagship store in Brooklyn. 

Supreme opened its first skate shop in Lower Manhattan in 1994, and since then, it has morphed from a hangout for downtown skate kids to a global brand with cult like followings. Over the years, Supreme has continued to make a limited amount of products despite its growing demand, this makes its products progressively harder to get your hands on. As you know, there are only Supreme stores in USA, UK, France and Japan. So here is a guide on how to buy original Supreme products in Malaysia. *Also on how to not buy from sellers that sell "Supreme" products - yes, you know it, lots of dem fakes, especially in Malaysia* 

Physical Reseller Retail Stores

Malaysia's huge, so where exactly are there stores that the hypebeasts and hypebaes hang out? 

One of the most recognized n is PlugMy, which offers a good variety of rare sneakers and streetwear apparel which includes Supreme stuff. PlugMy is based in Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Pandan Indah, Level 4/6B, No.88G. Sporting a minimalist and clean look, it carries the from Yeezy, Air Jordan, Air Max, Vapormax and to apparel from Off-White, ASSC and etc. To be in a store and be bombarded with these extremely pricey stuff - it's actually really enjoyable. 

Store: Plugmy


Another store which boasts a huge collection is Baller Vibe. Located at 17 Jalan Austin Height 8/5, they are the real deal - Supreme bogo hoodies, shirts and rare collaborations such as LV x Supreme, they have it all. As their name suggests, the entire vibe of the place is that of money, so be prepared to pay a huge mark-up for all of their items (they gotta pay rent too, right?). 

Store: Baller Vibe


Pros: Authentic, Can look and feel the actual product, Able to get products immediately (No shipping etc), 

Cons: Prices are very heavily marked up, Usually not the latest Supreme products, Limited options

Carousell, Instashops and FB Pages

Nowadays, many sellers do not have their own websites but rely on platforms such as Carousell, Instagram/Instashops and FB groups and pages. While they definitely offer better prices, there are often authenticity issues. Cases of paying for original products and receiving fakes are not uncommon. With some of the fakes looking almost exactly like the original, how can one buy with a peace of mind?

RM120 for Supreme x LV bag? Oh come on.....

Of course, they are definitely reputable sellers on such platforms, but it takes some effort to do legit checks and a great deal of faith, particularly when you are dealing with them first time. When it comes to buying off such platforms, our best advice? Proceed with caution. 

Pros: Better prices, Latest Supreme items, Good variety of the latest to previous season's Supreme items

Cons:  Authenticity issues, Frauds/scams

If you do a Google search for buying original Supreme in Malaysia, you will notice the results shown may not even be websites that sells original Supreme products. We were very frustrated at this, so we wanted to create a place where Malaysians could purchase real Supreme in Malaysia at reasonable prices. This was how is born. We cop Supreme direct from stores and online, and ship them as fast as we can back to Malaysia to our customers. We even provide pre-orders for the weekly drops so that you can secure your coveted items.

We have lots of SS18 items in-stock, and you can check them out here. Here are some of the hottest SS18 drops:

Pros: Great Prices, Free shipping on all orders in Singapore/Malaysia, Authenticity Guaranteed, Huge Variety

Cons: Too many choices *help* 

Supreme in Malaysia is getting so much attention these days. But amidst this hype, many fakes and knock-offs are very prevalent in the market. As a true streetwear enthusiast, you'll need to be selective of where you purchase your items from. So, browse through our large collection of Supreme items and purchase with a peace of mind.

This is a definitive guide on how to buy original Supreme products in Malaysia. If you want to know how to buy Authentic Supreme products in Singapore, please click here.