Well now that Supreme SS18 is over, and the Supreme FW18 lookbook/preview is only out on 20th August 2018, we finally have some time to look back at some of their most random shit from the Supreme SS18 collection.

The North Face Supreme Snakeskin Taped Seam Stormbreak 3 Tent

If you ever get chased out of the house, you can consider living in one of these. 

Supreme LuminAID Packlite Nova USB

If you ever go camping, might as well bring the LuminAid Packlite Nova to make sure your tent is ..... well lit.  

Available in website: Supreme LuminAID Packlite Nova USB

Supreme SOG Hand Axe

*Cues Christian Bale in American Psycho scene" But seriously though, apart from murdering in style, what does Supreme want us to do with this?

Supreme Advanced Elements Packlite Kayak

Even if you lose in the race, you win in swag. #evenwheniloseimwinning

Supreme O'Brien Life Vest 

If your girlfriend asks you: "If me, my mother and this stupid piece of Supreme vest fell into the sea, which one would you save first?" You know the answer. 

Supreme SealLine Pouch Small/Large

When you get stranded in an island, at least you have one of these to keep your phone dry so that you still can Instastory your misery. 
Available in website: Supreme Pouch Sealine See Large Red 

Supreme BACtrack Go Keychain Breathelyzer

If it exceeds the alcohol limit, sit back down and continue drinking. Please don't drink and drive guys. 

Supreme Cactus Keychain


Supreme Stern Pinball Machine

AND THE RESALE OF THIS IS USD 35,000 to 50,000.

What an expensive way to play with balls.

Supreme Fox Racing Proframe Roost Deflector Vest

Alright I know this is not the most random thing from the collection. BUT JUST LOOK AT IT.

You'll look good in a scooter, super-bike or dirt-bike.

Supreme Fox Racing Bomber LT Gloves

Just in case you need gloves for your lawn mower.

Available in website: Supreme Fox Racing Bomber LT Gloves Red

Supreme Rawlings Catcher's Mask

Here's one for the baseball fans. Or alternatively you can wear it for a Payday 2 inspired bank heist.

Available in website: Supreme Rawlings Catcher's Mask Red

Supreme Wilson White Tennis Balls

Hopefully we'll see this in the Wimbledon finals?

Website available here: Supreme Wilson Tennis Balls White

Supreme Nike/NBA Teams Warm-Up Jacket

Here's one jacket for the true NBA fans or the *erhem* bandwagoners, Now you can support any team.

Available in website: Supreme NIKE/NBA Teams Warm-Up Jacket Black

Supreme Don't ask me 4 Shit Stamp

Got an annoying co-worker? Here you go. 

Available in website: Supreme Don't ask Me 4 Shit Stamp

Supreme Stacking Cups

Just to make sure that your coffee has enough.....heat.

Available in website: Supreme Stacking Cups

Supreme SIGG Metal Box Small/Large

Jewelry box? Cash box? Supreme sticker box? Pencil box? D*ck in a box? It's so versatile guys.
Available in website: Supreme Metal Box Large Red

Supreme StatGear Pocket Samurai

If you can't afford an actual samurai sword, here's a more affordable (but still not so affordable) and smaller alternative.

Supreme Logo Zippo

"I don't even smoke anymore but this makes me wanna light another cigarette again" - David, a quitter for almost 10 years.
Available in website: Supreme Zippo Lighter Red

Supreme Chicken Dinner Plate Ashtray

Now let's pray for a Supreme and a cigarette company to collab for your complete Supreme Smoking Set.

Supreme Jar Set

Get these bad boys for your nana's birthday so she can flex them during her weekly bingo with her friends. 

*jams and marmalade not included*

Available in website: Supreme Jar Set

Supreme Illusion Coin Bank

Get one so you can start saving for Supreme FW18.
Avaiable in website: Supreme Illusion Coin Bank

Supreme Mophie Encore Power Bank 10k/20k

Now you can still look cool charging your phone with a power bank in public. 
Available in website: Supreme Power Bank

Supreme Kaweco AL Sport Ballpoint Pen

If you can't get your A's with this pen, at least you can distract your friends during the test.

Avaiable in website: Supreme Kaweco AL Sport Ballpoint Pen

Supreme Alphabet Silk Shirt

Teach your toddler the ABCs and the human anatomy with this. Practical, Pretty, and also very PG. 

Alright guys, so here's the 25 things that made us go "WTF was Supreme thinking?". Hope you had fun reading it. In case you ever want to get any of these ridiculous items, dropncop has them. Here's the full list of our Supreme items.
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